Back On Track

When you’re frustrated and fed up with behavior challenges in your family, and you’ve already tried other ways but had little success, Jen steps in. Jen travels worldwide, providing live-in coaching, guidance, proactive teaching and transforms families who have school aged children (or younger). Jen’s passion and specialty is re-teaching new ways of thinking, interacting and her methods build trust, respect and create a stable, healthy and harmonious home.


Crisis Care: Support

When your family is disrupted by an unexpected event such as illness, surgery, family crisis, or the death of a parent or immediate family, Jen steps in. She travels worldwide, providing live-in or live-out support for your family. Whether your children are school aged or younger, Jen has your back during your unique family challenge. Crisis Care Support includes childcare & house management, non-invasive healthcare, prescription tracking, and driving parents to follow up doctor appointments and more of what you need to restore stability to your life during this difficult time.

Crisis Care: Addiction Recovery

When one parent needs to leave the home to take part in a residential treatment stay for addiction, mental health or any dual diagnosis, Jen steps in. She brings her 30 years of experience, and moves in with your family to bring stability and support. Whether your children are school aged or younger, Jen will ensure that your family weathers any crisis.